Call for Book Translation & Publication

(Grant Programme of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 2017)


Aims at fostering the Iranian Publication Industry and boosting the presence of Iranian books in global markets, the Cultural Deputy of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance provides the supporting grant for the translation and publication of Persian books by foreign translators and publishers based on the following criteria.


1)      Introducing Persian literature and culture to other countries

2)      Facilitating cultural diplomacy and international ties through literary and cultural relationships


1)      Contemporary Literature (Fiction / Non-Fiction)

2)      Arts

3)      Islamic /Iranian Studies

4)      Books on topics for Children & Young Adults

Grant Receivers (Who Can Apply):

All natural and legal persons who own/buy the copyrights of the Persian books from their Iranian right holders can apply for this grant. These include:

1)      Private Publishers

2)      Authors

3)      Translators

4)      Illustrators

The Grant Is Provided For:

1)    translation costs (fully/partly)

2)    publication costs (fully/partly)


The Amount of the Grant

The financial value of this grant in 2017 will be as follows:


  • As for the books for children and young adults (mostly illustrated): up to 1000 US dollars for each title


  • As for the books for adults: up to 3000 US dollars for each title


 Evaluation Criteria

*  The Quality of the translation into a foreign language; including accuracy, fluency, cohesion, coherence, etc.


*  The publisher’s plan and potentiality for distributing the book in the target country


*  The time span for fulfilling the task (maximum 2 years)

 Allocation Procedure

1)      25% of the total fund will be paid after signing a copyright contract with the Iranian publisher or author, and submitting other requirements to the secretariat.


2)      The remaining amount (75%) will be paid after finalizing the publishing procedure and submitting the printed copy of the book to the secretariat.


How to Submit Requests

1)      Send the application in printed or electronic form (available at: )

2)      Send the full CV (resume) of the translator or/and publisher, with the revealing documents attached.

3)      Send the legal copyright contract with the Iranian publisher

4)      Provide a copy of the Persian book which is going to be translated and published by the publisher

5)      Provide a sample of the translation (10 pages)




Contact Information

Email address:


Tel-fax: 0098(0)2188318655

  Postal Address: No. 7, Fajr Building, Fajr St., Ghaem Magham Ave., Tehran, Iran.

Postal Code: 1589746511